It’s been a while since I felt so inspired that all I wanted to do was be. The Mt. Cook area did that for me. I’ve seen Mt. Cook (Aoraki) before and even briefly visited the town for all of 45 minutes, but I always felt that I had to come back and stay longer.Continue reading “Inspiration”

Alpine gaze

Mt. Cook, or Aoraki in Maori, has many different ‘faces’. I posted about it here, here and here, and I still can’t get enough of this amazing, majestic mountain. Whether gazed upon from afar or marvelled at from right under its ‘nose’, I find this place very special. Alpine areas fascinate me, because we don’tContinue reading “Alpine gaze”

Dear New Zealand

Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to you. But before I head to the airport tomorrow, making our goodbye finite, I want to tell you something. Or actually, I want to thank you.  I want to thank you for the beautiful nature. It’s touching and calming to see that immense beauty still exists on Earth.Continue reading “Dear New Zealand”

True blue

Earlier this year, I posted a picture of Mt. Cook (Aoraki) and the crazy blue Lake Pukaki on a day with a gorgeous clear blue sky. I also made a short video of the lake and the highest mountain in New Zealand that day. I still find it stunning to see water that blue. Amazing! Mt.Continue reading “True blue”

A picture on the wall

Another shot of Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. I took this photo during my first trip to New Zealand in 2005. I took the Intercity bus to Christchurch via Mt. Cook village and the bus driver was kind enough to stop at this spot, so we could take a photo of thisContinue reading “A picture on the wall”

Top 10 things to see and do in New Zealand

Everybody that has ever visited New Zealand will probably agree with me that it’s an amazing country. The nature, the space, the people…it’s a special piece of stunning beauty. To those that have never visited the ‘land of the long white cloud’: you are missing out! 😉 I understand that it’s not possible for everyoneContinue reading “Top 10 things to see and do in New Zealand”