It’s been a while since I felt so inspired that all I wanted to do was be. The Mt. Cook area did that for me. I’ve seen Mt. Cook (Aoraki) before and even briefly visited the town for all of 45 minutes, but I always felt that I had to come back and stay longer. Now was the time and I’m so happy I did! There aren’t that many facilities in Mt. Cook Village and not many hostels to choose from either. Still, the hostel was fine and the facilities adequate for my needs (or I just adapted my needs, lol). I stayed in the village for a few days. Just taking a stroll through the town and soaking up that incredibly environment was awesome in itself.

And then I did a four hour return tramp through the Hooker Valley, up to the lake with views on the Hooker Glacier and Mt. Cook. Oh my word, this is what inspiration feels like. Mountains everywhere, some sporting snow and ice. Streams, valleys, look outs, swing bridges, vistas, a mountain daisy blooming out of season. I didn’t know where to look so I looked everywhere. It was beautiful and it filled up my senses. I just kept taking photos, which I still need to sort through. All worries left my brain and there I was, instilled, inspired, relaxed and content.

This is what it feels like.

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