This is my current computer desktop image. It’s a photo I took during an organised tour on the Matukituki River in Mt. Aspiring N.P, New Zealand. It’s an absolutely stunning area with two core ingredients: mountains and water!

Wanaka: a jetboating adventure and 4WD farm tour

I’d heard great things about the Matukituki Valley. A fellow backpacker on my previous trip to New Zealand had recommended it to me. I was keen on seeing this area for myself, so I booked a day tour this time around. The morning activity was a jetboat tour along the Matukituki River with Wanaka RiverContinue reading “Wanaka: a jetboating adventure and 4WD farm tour”

Mt. Aspiring N.P.

Nature is one of my favourite things ever. And the older I get, the more I need it. A prime example of stunning nature is Mt. Aspiring N.P., New Zealand. I haven’t even scratched the surface of exploring this area and I’m already simply blown away! ❤

Let’s be completely honest

Spring is in the air and I’m loving it! As the days grow longer and the weather gets milder, I basically want one thing: to go outside and explore! I’m looking into doing some day hikes on the weekend, preferably Saturdays so I can conk out on Sunday if needed. Too many weekends are spentContinue reading “Let’s be completely honest”

Go where you feel the most alive

One of my favourite ways to travel is by water. I love being on the water, looking out into the vastness, feasting my eyes on stunning scenery. It’s when I feel truly alive and free.