Vasaloppsleden day 3 – Tennäng to Axisstugan (27 km)

Sunday July 14th 2019 Just like the day before, I set my alarm to 7.30 am, but I was already up by 6.45 am. After breakfast, I packed up and started hiking at 8 am. It was nice out and my confidence was growing. So far, I hadn’t had any knee problems! Sure, I wasContinue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 3 – Tennäng to Axisstugan (27 km)”

Vasaloppsleden day 2 – Smågan to Tennäng (19 km)

Saturday July 13th 2019 My alarm went off at 7.30 am. My breakfast consisted of bread and cheese, and a cup of tea. Somehow, it wasn’t the experience I was hoping for, the cheese was lacking flavour and the bread was very sweet. But it was food and I needed the calories, so munch munch!Continue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 2 – Smågan to Tennäng (19 km)”

Vasaloppsleden day 1 – Berga to Smågan (10 km)

Friday July 12th 2019 I had a good night’s sleep and a wonderful extensive breakfast. I had plenty of time in the morning, so I relaxed a bit in my hotel room before checking out. I went to the local visitors information centre where I left the luggage I wasn’t taking with me on theContinue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 1 – Berga to Smågan (10 km)”

What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?

Soon, I’ll be heading to Sweden to hike the Vasaloppsleden. So that means I need to crack on with my preparations! I’ve pretty much got all my clothes and gear, except for a gas canister which I’ll be purchasing in Sweden. As for food, I gave it a lot of thought. Because on previous hikes,Continue reading “What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?”

Fjällräven Trekker Event

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to a Fjällräven Trekker Event at the Fjällräven Brand Center in Amsterdam. I thought it would be good fun, and a cool way to meet like-minded outdoorsy folks, so I decided to go. The Trekker Event was last night. I was exhausted from very hectic times atContinue reading “Fjällräven Trekker Event”


It’s almost June, so I’d better crack on with my preparations for the Vasaloppsleden in July! I’m so excited to be hiking this trail, but at the same time my head’s not completely in the game yet. It will come, I’m sure of it. Once I sniff that wonderful outdoor smell, once I’ve set footContinue reading “Preparations”

Life is better in hiking shoes

When you have worn out your shoes, the strength of the sole leather has passed into the fibre of your body. He is the richest man who pays the largest debt to his shoemaker – Ralph Waldo Emerson This summer, I plan to hike the Vasaloppsleden in Dalarna, Sweden. When hiking with a full backpack,Continue reading “Life is better in hiking shoes”