It’s almost June, so I’d better crack on with my preparations for the Vasaloppsleden in July! I’m so excited to be hiking this trail, but at the same time my head’s not completely in the game yet. It will come, I’m sure of it. Once I sniff that wonderful outdoor smell, once I’ve set foot on the trail, I’m sure it will be fine. I’ll get sore, but it’ll be great! It somehow seems a bit surreal still. Maybe that’s just the excitement and anticipation, not completely knowing what my experience will be and having everything ahead still!

So I’ll start with my preliminary pack list. It may change closer to my date of departure, and I have room to tweak things here and there as well. But I don’t think the basics will change hugely (I only have one pair of pacer poles, one rain jacket etc). So here’s what I’m bringing!

Googled image
Googled image
Item Brand Weight (g) Amount packed Total weight (g)
Backpack Gregory (Jade 53) 1400 1 1400
Sleeping Bag Sea to Summit 770 1 770
Raincoat Mammut 350 1 350
Rain pants Berghaus 230 1 230
Down jacket Mammut 430 1 430
Fleece Fjällräven 380 1 380
Hiking shirt* Icebreaker 160 1 160
Hiking legging*  Fjällräven 340 1 340
Underwear Icebreaker 33 4 132
Socks Smartwool 40 3 120
Shoes* Altra Lone Peak 3.0 570 1 570
Trekking poles* Pacerpole 600 1 600
Sleep shirt Icebreaker 160 1 160
Long johns Icebreaker 240 1 240
Stove Primus 130 1 130
Cook pot Toaks 100 1 100
Gas Primus 230 1 230
Spork Sea to Summit 10 1 10
Headlamp Black Diamond 60 1 60
Powerbank Xtorm 170 1 170
Towel Cocoon 40 1 40
Pillow Sea to Summit 70 1 70
First aid kit Misc. 120 1 120
Toiletries Misc. 500 1 500
Total 7312 g

Of course I’ll be wearing things as well, so with those items marked * deducted (as well as socks and undies), I come to a base weight of about 5,6 kg. I don’t think this is bad at all! 🙂 Not that I’m an ultralight backpacker per se, but shaving off grams where I can is obsviously nice!

What are your must-packs when you go out hiking? Whether it’s a day hike or overnight trip?

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7 thoughts on “Preparations

    1. It’s a trail in Dalarna, Sweden that can be hiked but also traversed on skis. Indeed it’s also a race. But I’m just going to hike it -off racing season- in my own pace 🙂

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        1. I’ll be sure to share heaps of the trail! Dalarna is beautiful. Quintesessential Sweden!


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