A day of waterfalls

Day 3 of our Icelandic adventure started with a visit to Seljalandsfoss. What’s cool about this waterfall is that you can walk behind it! I’ve always wanted to do that! 🙂 After this waterfall, we went to a nearby waterfall: Gljúfrabúi, which means ‘canyon dweller’. It was a challenge getting through the canyon over slipperyContinue reading “A day of waterfalls”

Devils Punchbowl Falls

On my 2012 travels to New Zealand I went to Arthur’s Pass by train. I decided to stay in this very small town for a few days just to check it out. It was a nice place, but not as ‘end of the world’ as I had expected it to be. Perhaps it was theContinue reading “Devils Punchbowl Falls”

Milford Sound

  The Milford Sound, a beautiful fjord-type natural spectacle that many travellers visit during their times in New Zealand. Same goes for me, although it’s been a while (ten years!) since I was there. It had rained all morning and it was still a bit gray. Once we got on the water (off-peak hours, marvellousContinue reading “Milford Sound”