Milford Sound



The Milford Sound, a beautiful fjord-type natural spectacle that many travellers visit during their times in New Zealand. Same goes for me, although it’s been a while (ten years!) since I was there. It had rained all morning and it was still a bit gray. Once we got on the water (off-peak hours, marvellous choice!), the previously fallen rain made sure we had many waterfalls to enjoy. I suppose it’s always a trade-off: sunny weather and clear skies are great, but after some rain you get to enjoy waterfalls you might not see otherwise. It was beautiful! And even on the way over there, there were plenty of waterfalls to marvel at; some even had ice high up the cliff faces. Definitely a place to revisit. Maybe next time?

Are there places you’d want to revisit? Do you like going back to places you’ve visited before?

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2 thoughts on “Milford Sound

    1. Thanks! I know right, so many great places to revisit! I should really get my butt over to Iceland sometime and national parks in the US are definitely on my list as well! 🙂

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