Surviving a long flight

So you’ve decided you’re going to fly to the other side of the world. How do you survive such a long flight? Here are a few tips and tricks that have worked for me. Just one disclaimer: you’re going to be knackered either way! Wear something comfortable I prefer wearing leggings, a shirt and aContinue reading “Surviving a long flight”

Rain is coming

  As pretty as these pictures look, soon after I took them…we gotta whooole lotta rain. And mud up to my knees is really so exciting! 😛 On the plus side, when wearing a few layers it saves weight in your pack! See, there’s always a positive 😉

View over Ladtjojaure

How’s this for a lunch spot? I really love this view, the huge clouds with the bright blue in between. I could happily sit here for a while enjoying the view and just watching the clouds roll by.


This is such a weird photo! I was walking to town from my hostel in Queenstown when I saw these huge clouds hovering the Remarkables. With a bit of imagination it looks a bit like an alien spaceship, huge as it is! 😛 I love cloudy skies. A lot. Usually something interesting happens with theContinue reading “Hover”

Don’t stay too long, bro, there’s nothing to do there

People weren’t exactly exaggerating when they said I shouldn’t stay too long in Invercargill because there wouldn’t be anything to do there. The thing is, I had to stop there on my way back from Stewart Island. The initially planned two nights were already reduced to one, and that was fine. I picked the only BBHContinue reading “Don’t stay too long, bro, there’s nothing to do there”