Cloud burst

Nelson, my favourite city in New Zealand. It’s got such a great vibe and the fact that it’s one of the most sunny places in the country, helps a little…okay a lot! 🙂 Here I was in the Nelson harbour, waiting for my water taxi to Kaiteriteri to spend a day in the gorgeous AbelContinue reading “Cloud burst”

Come closer

Dramatic skies, I love them! Sunday early in the evening on an August day, the island of Vlieland beckoned us for a visit to the beach. The others went for a swim, I took in this majestic interplay of clouds, colour and light. In the distance you can see some rain showers pouring down. Luckily,Continue reading “Come closer”


As you may know, I love cloudy skies, so I just had to take a photo of this fascinating cloudy sky over a glacial lake. I can’t remember exactly where this was, but I think somewhere in Mackenzie country. The colours of this landscape are so different from what I’m used to so I reallyContinue reading “Clouds”

Pink paintbrush

This photo was taken from the window of my hostel room when I stayed at Elm Lodge in Dunedin. Looks pretty amazing, right? I love cloudy skies like this one. It’s almost like someone used a pink paintbrush and added some colour. There’s even a pinkish glow over all the houses. I didn’t use anyContinue reading “Pink paintbrush”