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Tag: lapland

In the end

When I reached Sälka, I checked in at the checkpoint and also said I was going to quit the trail. A nurse came and looked at my knee. She said […]


Day three started out really nicely. The view from my tent wasn’t half bad. 🙂 It was chilly but the sun was out, and I was excited to continue hiking. […]

And just like that…

…the sun came back! After literally being chilled down by rain and wind, it sure was so nice to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again. And […]

Snow dotted mountains

The weather was a lot colder and more changeable than during my first attempt to hike the Fjällräven Classic. This time there was more snow on the mountains and heaps lower […]

And the sky is grey

After the downpour of rain on the second day of my Fjällräven Classic adventure, the sky stayed grey for a while. Still gorgeous landscape to trek through! With the sun gone, […]

Tiny little specks

People look like tiny little specks in this vast landscape. It really puts everything into perspective.