Rain is coming

  As pretty as these pictures look, soon after I took them…we gotta whooole lotta rain. And mud up to my knees is really so exciting! 😛 On the plus side, when wearing a few layers it saves weight in your pack! See, there’s always a positive 😉

Rise and shine

Saturday morning, August 12th. I woke up really early, like around 6 am. Not because I’m such an early bird, but simply because an air mattress isn’t as comfortable as my own bed. It was chilly in the morning, so I wore a few layers to keep warm. I made myself a cup of teaContinue reading “Rise and shine”


I just love the green from the vegetation, the earth tones from the soil and rocks, and the greys from the sky and mountains. It’s such a stunning landscape and I’m mesmerised by all that beauty, which is further amplified by the fast flowing water meandering through it all.


After my break, I hiked on towards the first checkpoint at Kebnekaise Fjällstation. The terrain started getting rockier and the weather was getting moody. The rest of the kilometers I walked in either rain or drizzle. Nothing too crazy, but it took some getting used to after starting out so sunny and nice. In theContinue reading “Moody”

View over Ladtjojaure

How’s this for a lunch spot? I really love this view, the huge clouds with the bright blue in between. I could happily sit here for a while enjoying the view and just watching the clouds roll by.

Lap Dånalds

The first part of the track was quite easy. Although there were some rocks here and there, the terrain was mostly flat-ish. There were some foot bridges and in some areas you walked on wooden planks. If I were a pirate, perhaps I’d be more nervous about that notion, lol. Or maybe I am aContinue reading “Lap Dånalds”

At the start in Nikkaluokta

Friday August 11th starting at 6.30 am busses were running from Camp Ripan in Kiruna to the start of the Fjällräven Classic in Nikkaluokta. There was quite a long queue and I had to wait probably a good hour before I could get on a bus. It was fine, there was still plenty of time andContinue reading “At the start in Nikkaluokta”