And then it was time to register! I received my trekking pass, luggage tag, and picked up a map and trash bag. Then I went for food. They had huge crates with various freeze dried meals. I stocked up on breakfast and spaghetti bolognese, because I remembered from last time the spaghetti was actually quiteContinue reading “Registration”

Relaxing in Kiruna

On Wednesday August 9th I made my way to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. The Fjällräven Classic wouldn’t start until Friday the 11th, but I wanted to get to Kiruna in advance to acclimatise and to relax a bit before the big adventure started. On the plane over, there were many hikers and I met severalContinue reading “Relaxing in Kiruna”

Unfinished business

Last month, I attempted to hike the Fjällräven Classic in Swedish Lapland again. My first try was in 2013, and leaving the trail then left me devastated and defeated. Too much was riding on the trek then and what was meant as a positive experience, a boost of life, ended up weighing me down. SinceContinue reading “Unfinished business”


So I really love sunsets. I love the way the sun shines on the clouds with that warm evening light. I love how the sun shines on features in the landscape. I took this shot during the Fjällräven Classic in Swedish Lapland last August. We camped near the second checkpoint at Singi. What an endContinue reading “Shine”

The great outdoors

Here is a shot I took during the Fjällräven Classic in Swedish Lapland last August. See the people hiking on the trail? That’s for scale! 😉 The mountains were huge and the landscape very impressive! Even though I didn’t finish the trek, in the back of my mind I’m still thinking ‘what if I gaveContinue reading “The great outdoors”

Tent with a view

In this post I mentioned the trekking I participated in in Swedish Lapland last August. The landscape was nothing short of impressive! Very rugged, very beautiful. During the trekking, we had to carry all of our equipment and we had to camp. My friend borrowed a sturdy tent from her sister and we slept veryContinue reading “Tent with a view”

Fjällräven Classic

Last August, a friend and I participated in the Fjällräven Classic, a 110 km trek through the mountains of Swedish Lapland. The organisation by Fjällräven was excellent. The trek ran from Nikkaluokta to Abisko, passing Sweden’s highest mountain: mount Kebnekaise. On the photo you can see the mountain range in the distance. We were having a breakContinue reading “Fjällräven Classic”