Fjällräven Classic


Last August, a friend and I participated in the Fjällräven Classic, a 110 km trek through the mountains of Swedish Lapland. The organisation by Fjällräven was excellent. The trek ran from Nikkaluokta to Abisko, passing Sweden’s highest mountain: mount Kebnekaise. On the photo you can see the mountain range in the distance. We were having a break at ‘Lap Dånalds’ where we enjoyed a delicious reindeer burger, the amazing weather and the stunning view!

Sadly, I didn’t finish the trek due to knee injuries. I made it to 47 km when I decided my health was more important than trying to finish this incredibly tough trek with two busted knees. I got helicoptered out at Sälka checkpoint (which was an amazing ride in itself!). I was very disappointed, but still stand by my decision. My friend did finish and I am so proud of this tough cookie! Especially since we were hiking for an amazing charity called Sanctuary for Kids and managed to raise CDN $1200,-! That money will do a lot of children a lot of good!

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3 thoughts on “Fjällräven Classic

  1. That looks like one amazing place, on the top of the world there! Well done for making it as far as 47km … that sounds a pretty long way to me. I imagine knowing when to stop was a hard decision when perhaps your head and your heart were giving mixed messages. An amazing adventure … and hope your knees soon recovered 🙂


    1. It was amazing! 🙂 The mountains were huge! I think we were very lucky with the weather, because the three days I was on the trail, we had only sunshine and perfect hiking temperatures. I can’t imagine what it must be like when it’s pouring down with rain and you have to pack a wet tent…It was a very long way and a tough, rocky trail. Add to that our 15 kg backpacks and you got yourself quite an endeavor. I definetly got mixed messages from my body, but at the third checkpoint head and heart aligned and I made the decision to quit. I know I made the right choice. My knees took about a week to heal. I still want to keep on hiking/trekking, but I’ll go for something a little less…intense 🙂


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