Relaxing in Kiruna

On Wednesday August 9th I made my way to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. The Fjällräven Classic wouldn’t start until Friday the 11th, but I wanted to get to Kiruna in advance to acclimatise and to relax a bit before the big adventure started. On the plane over, there were many hikers and I met several people who were going to hike the Fjällräven Classic. Very nice and it came in handy later on, as I managed to share a taxi from the airport to Camp Ripan, which ended up being even cheaper than the bus.

Once at Camp Ripan, I settled into my private cabin, which was the cutest ever! I really like Scandinavian interiors with light colours and natural materials. The bed was super comfy, the cabin was spacious and had everything I could possibly need. I had a bit of a wander on the terrain at Camp Ripan and enjoyed the fresh air. In the evening I enjoyed a lovely dinner (reindeer!) and the most delicous chocolate mousse dessert. The next day I didn’t do a whole lot. I wandered around a bit, watched Netflix and just relaxed. So nice to enjoy all this comfort, before roughing it on the trail shortly after!

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10 thoughts on “Relaxing in Kiruna

        1. Nice! So would you reckon it’s a good place to see the Northern Lights? They advertise for it but am just curious to know how it is in real life 😉

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