At the start in Nikkaluokta

Friday August 11th starting at 6.30 am busses were running from Camp Ripan in Kiruna to the start of the Fjällräven Classic in Nikkaluokta. There was quite a long queue and I had to wait probably a good hour before I could get on a bus. It was fine, there was still plenty of time and the sun was out to warm our faces. I was in the first start group starting the trail at 9 am. I don’t hike that quickly, so I figured I’d better get started as early as possible, so I’d have as much time as possible! Once I arrived in Nikkaluokta, I weighed my pack. I’d gotten my base weight down to a decent weight (my tent was only 960 grams, for instance), but with all the food and snacks I had to bring, I still ended up with a pack of 17 kg. Way more than I had planned, but what can you do. After a bit more waiting, some restless pacing, the excited crowd started counting down. And off we went!

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2 thoughts on “At the start in Nikkaluokta

    1. Yep, that’s true! Luckily my backpack was quite ‘comfy’ and had a good fit so it didn’t feel too crazy on my back. Plus, I had trekking poles that helped as well. It was just a bit of a ‘shock’ I had that much weight when I tried to get my base weight down.


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