Tranzalpine to Arthur’s Pass

The Tranzalpine is a beautiful trainride that runs from Christchurch to Greymouth and vice versa. The scenery along the way is breathtaking! From foothills to braided rivers and from lush vegetation to snow capped mountains. It seems like Kiwis love talking about their beautiful country, so don’t be surprised when a bus or train driver givesContinue reading “Tranzalpine to Arthur’s Pass”

This ain’t goodbye, it’s not where our story ends

They say all good things must come to an end. I often ask myself why that has to be. It was an amazing six weeks in a country I deeply love. Despite all the setbacks I’ve had to endure (pneumonia, busted knees, tendon inflammation in my wrist), I stayed positive and enjoyed every moment. Okay,Continue reading “This ain’t goodbye, it’s not where our story ends”

Kaikoura coast

The coast around Kaikoura is stunning. Such a scenic road to drive along, or, as in my case, ride along in a bus. I can surely understand people stopping in bays and at lookout points to enjoy the amazing beauty and ruggedness this coast has to offer. I hope to one day explore it properly!

Waterfall Bay

You can still make out the watertaxi that dropped me off at the jetty in Waterfall Bay. I’d taken the ferry from Wellington to Picton (Bluebridge) and from there a watertaxi to Waterfall Bay (Cougar Line). I was headed for my favourite hostel ever: Hopewell. In Waterfall Bay, Mike from Hopewell picked me up withContinue reading “Waterfall Bay”

Chocolate chip cookie

People say the journey is more important than the destination. We often learn in the process of trying to get somewhere, and we need that experience for when we reach that destination. Perhaps the same can be said about a journey in the literal sense. I’m not the biggest fan of driving, although I loveContinue reading “Chocolate chip cookie”

Going south

Monday morning, February 9th I made my way across the street to the Bluebridge ferry terminal at way too early o’ clock. The ferry ride was alright though. The day started with a cold and overcast morning, only to turn into a beautiful sunny day. So amazing! The crossover is a beautiful trip and almostContinue reading “Going south”

How I prepared for my travels

I’ve known for a little while that I am going back to New Zealand. Such a buzzing feeling, because I love being there. I’m an organised person and like to plan ahead. I’m not the kind of person to fill my whole trip with tours or use a backpacking service like Stray where I don’tContinue reading “How I prepared for my travels”

Sheep jam!

Only in New Zealand, right? I mean, in a country with around 60 million sheep, this just had to happen sometime! 🙂 I’d gotten a lift from fellow backpackers and somewhere along the way (I believe it was the Lindiss Pass, but I’m not sure) we got into this huge sheep jam. We had toContinue reading “Sheep jam!”