This ain’t goodbye, it’s not where our story ends

They say all good things must come to an end. I often ask myself why that has to be. It was an amazing six weeks in a country I deeply love. Despite all the setbacks I’ve had to endure (pneumonia, busted knees, tendon inflammation in my wrist), I stayed positive and enjoyed every moment. Okay,Continue reading “This ain’t goodbye, it’s not where our story ends”

Re:start Christchurch

Earthquakes left a devastating mark on Christchurch. I’ve seen the documentary ‘When a city falls‘ and it sent chills down my spine. Not only because so many lives got lost and there was so much destruction, but also because people show resilience and are working hard to bounce back. I remember the first time I wasContinue reading “Re:start Christchurch”

The people you meet

When I first travelled to Australia for my Working Holiday, I quickly realised it was a way bigger adventure than I had anticipated. I felt lonely and completely unsure of how to approach my sudden burst of freedom. The first couple of days in Sydney I had spent with a new friend. But when sheContinue reading “The people you meet”