Thank you for joining the sightseeing and rafting trip

After a wonderful time with my Viking friend, it was time to say goodbye. The next and final destination of my Norwegian adventure was Trondheim. My friend dropped me off at the bus stop. The bus was comfortable and the trip to Trondheim took about four hours. On the way, we had a ferry crossing, during which I decided to try out a svele, a folded type cake with some kind of sweet cream in between. The other available flavour is brown cheese, but I’m not a big fan of brown cheese, so I decided to stick to the sugary stuff instead. My friend had been talking about sveler so I wanted to try one out. It was ok, but a bit dry. I think that a home made svele would be nicer than the ones they sell on ferries (my friend had said so too).  Once I arrived in Trondheim, I first settled into my comfortable hotel room and then decided to have a look around town.

My only full day in Trondheim was a Sunday, which meant that everything was closed and there wasn’t a lot to do. Yay 😛 I spontaneously decided to join in on a harbour sightseeing tour. You gotta do something, right? The tour was nice. It was such an impromptu thing that I hadn’t even brought food or a jacket/warm layer. The weather seemed nice when I got on the boat, but once we were in the more outer areas of the harbour, it got a lot colder and the waves got a lot choppier. It was raining, the boat was half open so the water came in as well. It was a funny sight though, to see people fleeing to the front of the boat (the part that had a roof) to escape the rain. It was a rough ride! And I was so hungry! That’s what I get for doing something spontaneous, haha! As we arrived back in the harbour, shaken and stirred, the tour guide – who had been lovely and very knowledgeable – thanked us for joining in on the sightseeing and rafting trip! Hahaha!

The next day it was time to go home. I’d bought a bus ticket and got on the bus to the airport. Easy enough, right? Wrong! I had the bus companies mixed up so had to change to the correct bus before I’d ended up somewhere I wasn’t supposed to! Woops. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one that had gotten the bus companies mixed up, so I felt less bad, haha. Anyway, up in the air we went. I can’t remember if I had to transit at Oslo airport, but I probably did. Since I don’t remember much about that, I’m sure everything ran smoothly. Homeward bound, it’s always a lovely sight when you see a familiar landscape from the window.

That concludes the recap of my Norwegian adventure last summer. I hope you enjoyed armchair travelling with me!

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