Another stunning summer’s day in Norway! This day, my friend and I decided to have a look around in Kristiansund (not to be confused with Kristiansand, in the south of Norway), a small city, with about 24.500 residents. We didn’t do a whole lot (not that there was heaps to do anyway, haha), just some shopping, enjoying a cuppa at a café, and enjoying the amazing views! Oh, although I don’t remember exactly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we devoured some strawberries as well 🙂 Sadly, this was the last day hanging out with my friend as I was leaving the next day to head north to Trondheim.

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6 thoughts on “Kristiansund

    1. Haha, I bet! A friend of mine lives in Manitoba and oh my…the cold and the snow they get there! Here everything turns to chaos at the slightest snowflake, haha.


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