Nau Mai Haere Mai ki Te Wharawhara

One of the things I really wanted to while staying on Stewart Island was visit a neighouring island called Ulva Island, a pest-free sanctuary where bird life is abundant due to the lack of rodents and other troublemakers. The day that I had planned to go washed away, literally, as it rained the whole time. Luckily, a few more people were interested in visiting the island, so we booked a water taxi for the next day. A ferry runs from the main island to Ulva Island from Monday to Saturday, but since we were going out on a Sunday, we needed a water taxi. The four of us shared the water taxi with some other visitors, and away we went!

It was a beautiful day and no rain! The island isn’t very big so it doesn’t take long to go everywhere and enjoy all that the island has to offer. The walks between the beaches were short and easy (lots of steps though!) and bird life was abundant! We saw a lot of different native birds and it was so exciting! I managed to take some good shots, that I will share in the next post. We took our time venturing the island, we had lunch on the beach and enjoyed the stunning environment we were in as well as eachother’s company. After about three and a half hours we really did see all that we could so we headed back to the wharf to catch our water taxi back. It was lovely spending the morning seeing so much beautiful nature in such tranquility. I wouldn’t mind having some of that tranquility in my big city life!

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