What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?

Soon, I’ll be heading to Sweden to hike the Vasaloppsleden. So that means I need to crack on with my preparations! I’ve pretty much got all my clothes and gear, except for a gas canister which I’ll be purchasing in Sweden. As for food, I gave it a lot of thought. Because on previous hikes,Continue reading “What food will I bring on the Vasaloppsleden?”

Pave another one

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one – Dolly Parton Gloomy skies and empty roads made for some interesting hiking along the Vasaloppsleden.

Into the forest

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul – John Muir Beautiful hiking along forest trails in Dalarna, Sweden,

Someone’s backyard

Could you imagine having this as your ‘backyard’? You hop in your boat and you can go just about…anywhere! Surrounded by lots of trees and water (and I’m sure mosquitoes too!), what a beautiful place to live! It’s surely something else than my balcony made of concrete, even though I enjoy sitting there too 😉

Stones in the water

Another one of my favourite photos from my two-day hike along the Vasaloppsleden trail. I especially love the contrast between the brown stones in the water and all those green surroundings. Sweden is such a beautiful country!

Camp with a view

In 2008, I travelled to Sweden for the first time. It was an outdoorsy holiday with things like bushcrafts, canoeing and hiking. We stayed in the beautiful province of Dalarna in a tiny place called Venjan. My absolute highlight of the week was a two-day, 36 km hike along the Vasaloppsleden trail. It was beautiful!Continue reading “Camp with a view”