Vasaloppsleden day 3 – Tennäng to Axisstugan (27 km)

Sunday July 14th 2019 Just like the day before, I set my alarm to 7.30 am, but I was already up by 6.45 am. After breakfast, I packed up and started hiking at 8 am. It was nice out and my confidence was growing. So far, I hadn’t had any knee problems! Sure, I wasContinue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 3 – Tennäng to Axisstugan (27 km)”

Vasaloppsleden day 2 – Smågan to Tennäng (19 km)

Saturday July 13th 2019 My alarm went off at 7.30 am. My breakfast consisted of bread and cheese, and a cup of tea. Somehow, it wasn’t the experience I was hoping for, the cheese was lacking flavour and the bread was very sweet. But it was food and I needed the calories, so munch munch!Continue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 2 – Smågan to Tennäng (19 km)”

Vasaloppsleden day 1 – Berga to Smågan (10 km)

Friday July 12th 2019 I had a good night’s sleep and a wonderful extensive breakfast. I had plenty of time in the morning, so I relaxed a bit in my hotel room before checking out. I went to the local visitors information centre where I left the luggage I wasn’t taking with me on theContinue reading “Vasaloppsleden day 1 – Berga to Smågan (10 km)”