When in Norway, do as Norwegians do: get out in nature and hike! And since I count myself lucky with my own ‘Viking friend’, we did just that! This was an easy hike up the Kvernberget near Kristiansund. The weather was stunning, the view equally as. You can see the city from the top of theContinue reading “Kvernberget”


I love the layers in this photo: the bottom part where the rocks meet the water, the big chunk of water and then the cloudy horizon in the back of the photo. I think the muted grey/blue colour palette contrasts nicely with the brown ‘mossy stuff’ on the rocks.

Kvalvik Fort

My Norwegian friend and I decided to do some sightseeing and visited Kvalvik Fort, close to Kristiansund. “Kvalvik Fort is one of Norway’s best preserved coastal fortifications from the Second World War. There was also a submarine station here during the war. The fort is still intact and many people spend time exploring the bunker,Continue reading “Kvalvik Fort”

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there

Inspired by the Which Way Challenge to post a few photos from my travels through Norway.

Ålesund by night

I took this photo probably around 10 PM, though I don’t remember exactly. It didn’t get a whole lot darker than this. You gotta love those long summer days!…She says longingly, as the days here in the Netherlands are quickly getting shorter and shorter, and daylight saving is nearly upon us!

Jugendstil and strawberries

Our next destination after Geiranger was Ålesund. We stayed at the Scandic Parken hotel in the city centre, where the view from our room was another stunning one! From our room we could look out over the water and over the Jugendstil buildings. The reason the city centre has this style of houses requires a littleContinue reading “Jugendstil and strawberries”