Someone’s backyard

Could you imagine having this as your ‘backyard’? You hop in your boat and you can go just about…anywhere! Surrounded by lots of trees and water (and I’m sure mosquitoes too!), what a beautiful place to live! It’s surely something else than my balcony made of concrete, even though I enjoy sitting there too 😉

Stones in the water

Another one of my favourite photos from my two-day hike along the Vasaloppsleden trail. I especially love the contrast between the brown stones in the water and all those green surroundings. Sweden is such a beautiful country!

Camp with a view

In 2008, I travelled to Sweden for the first time. It was an outdoorsy holiday with things like bushcrafts, canoeing and hiking. We stayed in the beautiful province of Dalarna in a tiny place called Venjan. My absolute highlight of the week was a two-day, 36 km hike along the Vasaloppsleden trail. It was beautiful!Continue reading “Camp with a view”

You live, you learn

The Fjällräven Classic, it’s been well over a year ago that I participated in this daunting trek. No, I didn’t finish the trekking, but I’ve finally made my peace with it. Had I known then what I know now, I would have done a lot of things differently. I suppose that is what life is all about:Continue reading “You live, you learn”


So I really love sunsets. I love the way the sun shines on the clouds with that warm evening light. I love how the sun shines on features in the landscape. I took this shot during the Fjällräven Classic in Swedish Lapland last August. We camped near the second checkpoint at Singi. What an endContinue reading “Shine”

The great outdoors

Here is a shot I took during the Fjällräven Classic in Swedish Lapland last August. See the people hiking on the trail? That’s for scale! 😉 The mountains were huge and the landscape very impressive! Even though I didn’t finish the trek, in the back of my mind I’m still thinking ‘what if I gaveContinue reading “The great outdoors”

Tent with a view

In this post I mentioned the trekking I participated in in Swedish Lapland last August. The landscape was nothing short of impressive! Very rugged, very beautiful. During the trekking, we had to carry all of our equipment and we had to camp. My friend borrowed a sturdy tent from her sister and we slept veryContinue reading “Tent with a view”

Fjällräven Classic

Last August, a friend and I participated in the Fjällräven Classic, a 110 km trek through the mountains of Swedish Lapland. The organisation by Fjällräven was excellent. The trek ran from Nikkaluokta to Abisko, passing Sweden’s highest mountain: mount Kebnekaise. On the photo you can see the mountain range in the distance. We were having a breakContinue reading “Fjällräven Classic”