Wonderfully extra in Geiranger

If there’s one thing Norway has a lot of, it’s water. And travelling in ‘fjord country’ means ferries, heaps and heaps of ferries! I can imagine the magic possibly wearing off if you travel by ferry every day, but I had no such feeling hopping on and off ferries with my friend last summer. I happened toContinue reading “Wonderfully extra in Geiranger”

Trolls and strawberries

Day one of our road trip continued to a very narrow and steep road called Trollstigen (troll’s stairs). My friend was excited to show me the view from the top, but was dreading driving the Trollstigen, in case a bus came down and she’d have to back up. Luckily, that didn’t happen. We were thereContinue reading “Trolls and strawberries”

Stikk ut!

After my stay in Oslo, I flew to Kristiansund to visit my friend. She picked me up from the airport and we then made our way to Molde. There was a jazz festival going on that weekend, so we thought we’d check it out. Since we arrived late in the day, there wasn’t that muchContinue reading “Stikk ut!”

Fossevandring Geiranger

An easy pass time in Geiranger is doing the Fossevandring or Waterfall walk. It goes from Hotel Union (where my friend and I were staying) down to the town centre. A lovely walk to take in the beauty of this huge waterfall, of which you only see a snippet here!