Wonderfully extra in Geiranger

If there’s one thing Norway has a lot of, it’s water. And travelling in ‘fjord country’ means ferries, heaps and heaps of ferries! I can imagine the magic possibly wearing off if you travel by ferry every day, but I had no such feeling hopping on and off ferries with my friend last summer. I happened to love being on the water and travelling by ferry is something still very magical to me. And just look at those views! Wow, Norway…as if I needed any more convincing that I love you.

We slowly but steadily made our way to Geiranger, where we spent the second night of our road trip around the fjords. Geiranger is a very touristy place, with literally boat loads of people! But I totally get what attracts people to this place, the area is stunning! Honestly, I wish I had something like this ‘in my backyard’, because I don’t think I’d ever get tired of looking at and being in such a beautiful environment.

We walked around, went to some look-out points, ate some ice cream and did some (window) shopping. You know, the works. We’d been so lucky with the weather and this day was no exception. What a treat!

We stayed at the amazing Union Hotel. Quite expensive, but so worth it! We had a room with a view of the fjord! It was one of those places with slippers and a bathrobe. How extra and wonderfully decadent! 🙂 Dinner buffet was nothing short of incredible, with heaps of things to choose from, including like ten different types of desserts. I could’ve just eaten desserts and gone to indulgence heaven, haha! We also enjoyed the swimming pool and had a tour around the spa. We decided against getting some spa treatments because we didn’t have enough time. But I’m not gonna lie, it was tempting!

Our stay in Geiranger was short, but amazing. I would love to go back and I’d even be tempted to book the same hotel if I could.

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6 thoughts on “Wonderfully extra in Geiranger

    1. Haha, maybe it’s easy because it’s true? 😉 I’m absolutely in love with Norway and it’s totally my kind of country to travel through!

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