Many happy returns


The beautiful pancake rocks in Punakaiki, on the west coast of New Zealand. Despite having been there twice now (this photo was taken on the first time), I think it’s still a remarkable sight, that I’d happily witness again! This is one of my favourite photos. I love the composition, the lighting (I’m a nut for lighting!) and the water splashing to shore.

What place that you’ve visited would you happily visit again?

7 thoughts on “Many happy returns

  1. It does look lovely – I’m not surprised you’d love to visit there again! Your photo reminds me of a similar composition that have I photographed on our lovely rocky coastline here in North East England – we happily visit that place at least once every Summer 🙂

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  2. Although I have only been there once (only a day sigh), but I would love to visit it again! The place is indeed amazing and beautiful. You are so fortunate to have visit it twice!

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    • It is, isn’t it? At least you got to visit! I never stayed long though. Just an hour or so on both visits, as I was en route to other places. I wouldn’t mind visiting a third time, though! 😉


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