Lac de Maclus

Today is a bit of a chilly and rainy Easter. The perfect opportunity to reminisce beautiful sunny days spent in a beautiful area with great company! When I visited my friend in France last summer, we went to the Lac de Maclus. What a stunning place to visit! Of course the company and sunny weatherContinue reading “Lac de Maclus”

Follow the grey gravel road

It’s kind of ridiculous how many photos I took during our hike through this part of the Jura. The area is so photogenic and it really inspired me. It was a relaxed atmosphere with a dear friend and the weather was nothing short of sublime. We met some other hikers along the way, but hardlyContinue reading “Follow the grey gravel road”


Mostly, I take photos of landscapes. I love space, composition, contrast and a certain ‘balance’ or ‘feel’ in a photo. But I’ve also gotten interested in taking more ‘macro type’ photos. My camera lens take quite nice photos of items closer up, but is by no means a lens specifically for macro photography. I doesn’t have toContinue reading “Berries”