Lac de Maclus

Today is a bit of a chilly and rainy Easter. The perfect opportunity to reminisce beautiful sunny days spent in a beautiful area with great company! When I visited my friend in France last summer, we went to the Lac de Maclus. What a stunning place to visit! Of course the company and sunny weather helped…but seriously, look at this view! This is the stuff that makes me happy! There were a few people here and there, but my no means did we see hordes crowding the area. It seems to be a destination visited by French people most of all, as we didn’t see many foreign tourists (of course apart from yours truly and probably a few here and there), which for me was an added bonus as I love going to places enjoyed by locals.

Do you know of any local gems off the tourist trails?

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4 thoughts on “Lac de Maclus

    1. I think so! I saw some small boats on shore and , if I remember correctly, a place to rent kayaks. I’d find it so hard to resist a nice paddle out there! 🙂

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