Jan Karlsgården

On day three, Sanna and I went to Jan Karlsgården, an open-air museum and the main museum on Åland. A place packed with traditions showing what farms would have looked like in the 1800s. I love learning about times past, so this was perfect! So much to see, so much history to absorb. There wereContinue reading “Jan Karlsgården”


In the afternoon on day two, my friend and I went to the capital of Åland: Mariehamn. The weather was still as stunning as it had been all day. In fact, it was quite hot! We had a walk around town, the docks/harbour, we visited a few shops, including some that sell Sanna’s coffee, andContinue reading “Mariehamn”


On my second day on Åland, my friend and I went north, to Geta. There we hiked through the beautiful area. Very versatile, rocky at places, smooth hiking in others, big boulders, and with gorgeous views. It was a very warm day. Armed with water, sunscreen and sunglasses, we made it back just fine. ThisContinue reading “Geta”

Lemböte Lägergård

During our time at the Open Water Brewery market, there was some time for me to explore. After all, I was merely the tag along (lol) and my friend Sanna the business owner. She suggested me to walk to Lemböte Lägergård, which had lovely scenery and access to the nearby lake. And so I did!Continue reading “Lemböte Lägergård”