Vasaloppsleden day 5 – Eldrisstugan to Mora (9 km)

Tuesday July 16th 2019

Last day! And a short day into Mora too, with only 9 km left on the Vasaloppsleden. It was raining in the morning and I was dreading it. I left around 10 am and realised the rain wasn’t bad at all! It wasn’t more like a drizzle, so nothing I couldn’t handle. The terrain was very easy, mostly flat to undulating and I made good miles. Quickly, I arrived in Mora, with only the camping to cross before heading towards the finish. And that’s where it got interesting. The trail was marked very well throughout the whole Vasaloppsleden, except for this last bit. Somewhere on the camping the signs just disappeared. The direction the last sign sent me into didn’t lead anywhere, so after a few rounds on the campsite I was fed up an just used my phone’s navigation to finish the trail. I wanted to hike every bit of the trail, but it appears that was impossible, so winging the last stretch was good enough for me! Afterwards, I treated myself to a nice meal and two desserts at the hotel! 🙂

I did it! I hiked the Vasaloppsleden and it was amazing!

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