Hagley Park and Botanic Gardens

New Year’s Day 2018 was spent in the Christchurch botanic gardens. We decided to walk to the gardens from the hostel which took about half an hour. The weather had cooled down a bit, but it was still lovely to be out and about. I’d been to Christchurch several times, but never visited the botanic gardens, so this was as good an opportunity as any! I know my mom really loves flowers and plants. And while I don’t have a green thumb or a garden to muck around in, I love plants and flowers too!

We decided to have a little break and treated ourselves to a drink and something sweet. I honestly can’t remember if this carrot cake was good or not, but it looks good so I go with that, haha! Once outside, we saw a duck watching over her ducklings. She’d let you know if you got too close. Lucky for me, my camera has a decent zoom, so I didn’t need to.

Finally, we visited the rose garden of the park. Just lovely! I had fun playing around with my camera and it was a real challenge trying not to get any people in my shots. I didn’t always succeed, as it was quite busy in the park (for NZ standards, in NL it would have been considered quiet, haha).

We probably only saw half of the park, as there was so much to see! Nonetheless, it was a lovely visit.

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