Best hiking shoes in the history of forever

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My best buy has definitely been my Merrell Proterra Mid Waterproof shoes. They’re zero drop trail runners, but you don’t see me running no trail, haha. I have them for hiking or daily use. They are probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. I love these shoes so much and they are so amazing, that I bought a second pair when the first pair started showing a little wear and tear. Unfortunately, both pairs are starting to get really old now. I’ve looked everywhere online, but since it’s an old model, I can’t find them for sale anywhere. I’m probably going to wear these to shreds, haha!

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13 thoughts on “Best hiking shoes in the history of forever

  1. My sister bought hiking shoes from the same manufacturer (different style) some years back. She ADORES them and has hiked multiple trails in them. They weren’t cheap but they’ve been worth every single penny spent on them. 🙂

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  2. My apologies,
    I read this post, clicked Like then I read your About Page and and replied to this post there!

    Anyway, thank you again for linking to our Weekly Prompts photo challenge. Next time I will wake up and remember which page I have just read ! 🙂

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  3. You certainly can’t beat good walking footwear. I wonder why manufacturers change their styles – they really should take s poll or something! I had a pair of walking boots and loved them and needed a replacement and found I couldn’t get another pair – I was devastated….

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    1. Yeah, it sure is a bummer! I also have hiking boots that needed replacement as the soles were coming off. Bought new boots, they weren’t cutting it, so I had the soles on my old ones replaced. Good as new! 🙂


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