I count myself lucky to have friends in different countries. In fact, it’s just plain awesome! One of my friends used to live in Sweden, but has since then moved back to her native Åland and started her own business, which I think is so bad ass!

Anyway, back in 2010 I visited her in Sweden. She had the amazing idea to drive up to the Höga Kusten, the highest coast line in the world and also UNESCO world heritage. Of course I was keen, so we (well…she) drove five hours north to get there! We hiked the Skuleberget, at 294 meters above sea level. On the way up, I thought I was going to perish. I’m not used to such climbs as we have no mountains in the Netherlands and back then I was nowhere near as fit as I am now. So it was a struggle. And I was scared to go back down because it was so steep. Luckily, I managed to convince my friend to take the chair lift down and walk back to the car.

But all struggles aside: the view from the top was incredible as was the view from the chair lift! I surely wouldn’t have wanted to miss that!

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