The winding and steep Trollstigen, Norway! How’s this for scale, when you consider how tiny the campers and cars on the road are?  Impressive, isn’t it?

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6 thoughts on “Scale

    1. It was pretty cool, though very narrow! Luckily, it doesn’t take long to get up the road. I’ve heard about those motion sickness bands…how well do they work for you?

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      1. They work very well! I am notorious for getting it bad on windy roads, but I slip these on and it really makes a difference. It works even better if you put them on a few hours ahead of time. If you try them, I hope they work for you!

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        1. That’s good to hear! I’ve seen them around but never knew if they actually worked or not. Maybe worth investigating for when I go back on windy roads! Which is not at home, because roads are nowhere near winding here, haha

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