Friends make the world beautiful

A few years ago, two of my oldest friends, one friend’s boyfriend (only one with a navigation/boat license) and I went to Friesland to spend a day out on the water together. It was a beautiful day in early October, one of the last weekends the boat was still in the water. While it got chilly at times, overall it was a perfect day to be out all day. We moored in some towns, walked around, had lunch and dinner together, and got back to the harbour at the end of the day.  All while chatting away and enjoying eachother’s company.

We don’t see eachother every week or even every month, because we all lead different and hectic lives, and we live in different parts of the country. But after 20 years, I can honestly say our friendship is still going strong and we’re never short of topics to talk about. ❤

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