Arriving at Singi

It’s about 15 km between Kebnekaise and Singi and it took me a good 7 hours orso to get to the second checkpoint. Once checked in at Singi checkpoint, I got my snack of souvas and mashed potatoes. Nomm! I found myself a quiet spot to pitch my tent. It was windy when I set it up and apparently I must’ve looked stupid, because someone came over to help, haha. I tried to pitch it away from big rocks and prickly bushes. I wasn’t struggling as much as perhaps she thought I was and maybe I was a tad bit ‘annoyed’ because I just wanted to figure this out myself, but it was still a friendly gesture so I accepted kindly.

Apparently, I hadn’t looked around properly and later discovered that participants of the Classic were supposed to camp somewhere else, and farther away from the Singi huts. Woops. But nobody came and chased me away. Besides, there were other participants on this side of the terrain as well. I just loved that it was relatively close to the outhouse, so I didn’t have to squat in between any bushes, haha. And it was close to the stream, so getting water was super easy.

In the evening, the sky had completely opened up and treated us tired trekkers to beautiful sunlight. I loved it! It’s funny how good weather instantly lifts your spirits. It sure made me appreciate being in such a beautiful environment. Unspoiled, not overrun by people or commerce. Just close to nature, soaking up fresh air and enjoying the moment.

I had my pasta dinner, rearranged some things in my pack and tent, and then settled in for the night. In the beginning it was so cold, but I think I slept quite well. I love my down sleeping bag. It’s so nice and fluffy, and keeps me warm without too much trouble.

The next day, I’d be hiking to Sälka checkpoint. At the time, I didn’t know it would be the end of the adventure for me, but I have to admit I was thinking about whether or not I’d make it. As far as I was concerned at that time, I was finishing this thing!

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