When I woke up this morning and opened my curtains, I was greeted by a winter wonderland. Snow looks so pretty when you don’t have to go anywhere. And today, I was working from home, so I could stay in the comforts of my own apartment, all warm and snug. When I finished work for the day, I went out to do some errands. With my winter coat, beanie and gloves I headed out into the crisp air. It was cold outside but sunny, my favourite type of winter weather and much preferred over warmer but grey and more gloomy type of days. These cold, sunny winter days make my heart sing and I feel I’ve awoken from a long hibernation.

As I sit here behind my computer, enjoying a hot cup of green tea, I can’t help but smile. I may moan about trains being cancelled due to weather conditions, thus making commuting to and from work hard. Today, there was none of that. I felt the way I felt like when I was a kid, playing outside all day, ice skating on the frozen creek and then come running back home for dinner, rosy-cheeked from the cold.

Here are some photos from a few years ago. I was still in my old job and enjoyed a lunch break outside in crisp, sunny winter weather, much like today’s.

What is you type of winter weather? Does it bring back fond memories?

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2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. It looks very pretty. We don’t get snow in winter. In comparison to yours, we have a very mild winter and we complain bitterly if the temperature goes below double figures. It’s all what you’re used to! I’m glad you can enjoy it from inside where it’s cosy.

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    1. Very true. I’m not used to huge loads of snow but we tend to get snow at least a few times every year. A few years ago we even had snow with Easter and it was a lot colder then than at Christmas during actual winter! That being said, I can’t wait for Spring!

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