Oops, I did it again! Feat. That Wanaka Tree

Because I simply can’t get enough of New Zealand, I went back recently! From mid December 2017 to mid January 2018, my mom and I travelled through this beautiful country together. Fourth time for me, first time for her. Mom wanted to see for herself why I love this country so much, and consequently fell in love with New Zealand herself. The sheer beauty of the country, the space to breathe and the lovely people won both of us over!

I’ll be posting more on my Sweden adventure from last summer, but will also be sharing stories and photos of this recent trip to my piece of paradise down under. And yes, I really miss New Zealand and already know that I’ll be back soon! ❤

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11 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again! Feat. That Wanaka Tree

        1. And you’re so close! For me, it takes a while to get there. But it does feel like home to me too. Different for sure, but amazing! Though I still wonder how difficult it would be to live there instead of just travelling/vacaying.


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