South Island


The ferry ride from Wellington to Picton is pretty darn spectacular. The scenery is absolutely stunning. Also being so close to setting foot on that beloved South Island again makes me giddy. Both the North and South Islands are beautiful and I highly recommend visiting both islands. I just can’t help having fallen in love with the more rugged South Island. On this photo you can see the first features of the South Island, as you come from the north. It also helps that the first glimpse is of the Marlborough Sounds, one of my absolute favourite areas in New Zealand.

8 thoughts on “South Island

  1. We took the ferry from the South to the North Island and I was so looking forward to seeing these amazing views. But it was foggy the whole way and I spent the time catching up on emails. We couldn’t see a thing! Your photos make me think we should do this trip again and hope for better weather. Are you there again at the moment?


    • That is such a pity! I’ve heard that the crossing can be quite rough as well. You just never know up front. The first time I took the ferry was at night (it was the cheapest with a campervan) so I didn’t see a thing!

      I wish I was in New Zealand, but I’m at home mostly working. I’ll get back down there, no doubt 😉

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