Taiaroa Head


Dunedin is a lovely city and a great place from which you can explore the area around it. The Otago Peninsula is beautiful! I did an organised tour where, among other things, we visited Taiaroa Head and the albatross colony. This was an optional extra, and I was very excited, but sadly it was a bit of a letdown. The scenery was beautiful, so that wasn’t it. I mean, look at this view, so pretty! The thing was that we could only see the albatross from a glass observatory and saw these immense birds as tiny specs on maximal zoom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about letting nature run its course and not meddling with wildlife. I just think it could have been done a bit better, without interfering with the animals. Apart from this, I highly recommend exploring the Otago Peninsula. It’s stunning!

3 thoughts on “Taiaroa Head

  1. Beautiful scenery there on the Otago Peninsula – it certainly looks worth the trip in its own right … but what a shame the albatross experience was disappointing. Albatrosses are such amazing birds and they travel huge distances while seeking food for their chicks.


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