Mission ‘Pelennor Fields’…failed

In keeping up with the interest in Lord of the Rings filming locations, I headed to Twizel. My idea was to do a tour to the location used for the Pelennor Fields. It was a mistake coming to Twizel, because it was blah, very very blah. Backpacking wise, it was no fun either. Being one of very few backpackers (maybe one or two?) in a hostel mostly rented out by a sports event, it was an odd couple of days.

I found the place that did the Pelennor Fields tours but the prices were insane (and this was ten years ago). Even more overpriced than the tour in Queenstown. It was just not worth it, in my opinion, so I didn’t go. Instead I hiked around the town, where I caught a glimpse of Mt. Cook, way way in the distance (not visible in these photos). The weather was beautiful, the creek flowed crystal clear water and the views were amazing! So still a bright spot to mention about this place that I will not visit again.

twizel-walk twizel-walk2

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4 thoughts on “Mission ‘Pelennor Fields’…failed

    1. Exactly! I didn’t miss missing that filming location one bit. The creek was glistening in the sunlight, it looked so tempting to dip my feet in and I don’t know why I didn’t!

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