Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of my absolute favourites in Australia. The road starts in Torquay and ends in Allansford, near Warnambool, passing some absolutely amazing coast line with various highlights: Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, the Arch, the Twelve Apostels and plenty more! Last time I was in that area, I did a 3-day tour with Groovy Grape. The tour was organised well and the itinerary fully packed in a good way. Amazing nature, spectacular views! I saw the Twelve Apostels at sunset and early in the morning the next day. It’s so amazing to see how different lighting completely changes the look and feel of those pretty limestone creations!

The downside of the tour was the kind of inexperienced (or indifferent?) tour guide. One hostel we stayed at had bedbugs (thankfully not in the room I stayed at, by luck of the draw) and two girls were chewed up pretty badly. The tour guide didn’t do anything about it, didn’t report it and didn’t check our luggage. :-/ I mean, all our backpacks in one trailer could have seriously spread the nasty buggers! When we arrived at the next hostel, the owner rightfully wasn’t very pleased he wasn’t informed about the situation beforehand and the two girls were sort of quarantined. Their backpacks were checked and luckily, none of the bugs had decided to catch a ride. The poor girls were aching! I gave them some antihistamines to make their bites bearable and I was happy when they told me it alleviated their pain quickly.

I love the Great Ocean Road and I’m left with amazing memories of what I can only describe as an incredibly beautiful piece of earth that I’d happily return to any time! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road

    1. Thank you! I loved being out there and despite it being very chilly in the morning, I absolutely loved the morning light! Happy travels to you too! 🙂


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