Beached az, bro

mt.manganuiA typical Down Under beach scene if you ask me. 🙂 There’s a tower to keep an eye the people. And while you can’t see it on this photo, there were also the red and yellow flags to mark the area where it was safe to swim. It was quite calm in Mt. Maunganui that day. The school holidays were over so no hordes of kids, but just a few people enjoying a splash.

The title of this post refers to the Beached Az series that you can find on YouTube. Someone sent me the link and I find this bit of typical Kiwi humour hilarious! 🙂 For those who are curious, here’s the link.

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2 thoughts on “Beached az, bro

  1. We like to visit the beach when it’s not busy too. This beach looks just about busy enough for me 😉 I can imagine Australia’s beaches will be hugely popular in holiday seasons.


    1. Oh yes, they are! I’ve been to Bondi beach and it was really busy. Not even the busiest it’s ever been, but still…Woah! I like it nice and quiet too! 😉 In the Catlins area, I had a beach all to myself.Amazing!


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