Petrified forest

curio_bayOne of the main reasons to visit Curio Bay in the Catlins, New Zealand is the petrified forest. It’s pretty amazing when you realise there used to be a huge forest and you can still see the petrified remains, wood structure and all, when you walk around. This is also the area where Yellow-eyed penguins come to shore. What a wonderful interplay of nature!

Have you ever seen the petrified forest in Curio Bay? Or maybe visited something similar elsewhere?

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2 thoughts on “Petrified forest

  1. Wow, what a fascinating place! It’s like a huge, landscape-scale fossil! We have found small fossilised pieces of prehistoric trees beside the river near where we live and there are some similar larger examples in our local natural history museum … but nothing like this! Geology can yield such amazing wonders can’t it 🙂


    1. It absolutely is! I love this place so much and I’ve never seen anything like it. I agree, geology is amazing! 🙂


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