Clouds rolling in

curio_bay3January 2012. I had my mind set on exploring a very remote part of New Zealand: the Catlins. I took a bus trip and decided to spend a few days in Curio Bay. When I arrived, the sun was shining and Hector’s dolphins were swimming in the surf. In the evening we went to look at the Yellow-Eyed Penguins coming to shore. What a beautiful place! I was very happy with my choice to not rush through this amazing area and to stay in this cute, little, remote town for a bit. I stayed at one of my favourite hostels ‘Lazy Dolphin Lodge’ (also mentioned in this post). The next day, I went for a walk and these huge, dark clouds came rolling in. I loved how the clouds were getting dramatically darker! Surprisingly enough, it didn’t even rain that badly. A few hours later it was sunny again. Unbelievable how quickly the weather changed. And what an awesome place this was, I love it!

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