The narrow streets of Sintra

After visiting the Pena Palace, we had some time to explore the small town of Sintra. The narrow streets were filled with people, merchandise, decoration and colour. Such a mish-mash of pretty much everything, which all added to the charm of things. Not that much else to say about this place: we walked some, weContinue reading “The narrow streets of Sintra”

Palácio da Pena part 3: beautiful gardens

The gardens and greens around the palace are just as stunning as the palace itself. We were quite early in the season (late April) so most of the flowers were not yet in bloom. We also didn’t have a lot of time. I suppose that is the downside of organised travel: you have a timeContinue reading “Palácio da Pena part 3: beautiful gardens”

Palácio da Pena part 2: a glimpse of the past

There is heaps to explore at the Pena Palace. As if the outside wasn’t fascinating enough, the inside was pretty amazing as well. Beautiful tiles, ornate arched ceilings, lusciously decorated rooms…this palace has it all. I do wonder what it must have been like all those centuries ago, when this palace was a lot moreContinue reading “Palácio da Pena part 2: a glimpse of the past”

Palácio da Pena part 1: a fascinating place

We had about a week in Portugal, so we figured we’d have plenty of time to explore a bit of the area outside the big city as well. We’d both heard great things about the Pena Palace in Sintra and it was soon decided that this was a ‘must visit’ for the both of us. Initially, we thought about taking publicContinue reading “Palácio da Pena part 1: a fascinating place”

Straight out of Narnia

Maybe not the absolute perfectly sharp photo, but I love the composition with the lamp post and the trees behind it. It reminds me of the first Narnia movie, when they first enter Narnia and meet mr. Tumnus. It’s been quite a while since I saw that movie so I don’t remember all the details, but seeing this lampContinue reading “Straight out of Narnia”