Diamond Lake

This is truly a gem of a lake. Diamond-shaped, hence the name, surrounded by mountains and an absolutely beautiful place! During my horse trek, we stayed in Paradise, close to Diamond Lake, and decided to ride along this lake for a bit. I can think of worse ways to spend my time for sure!

Pink, it was love at first sight

This is the stuff that makes my heart sing. Smack in the middle of nature, gorgeous mountains all around and then this amazing pink sky. Can I stay here forever?

Equine adventure: Paradise

One of my oldest bucket list items was doing a multiple day horse trek. When I booked a four-day trek with High Country Horses in Glenorchy, I honestly thought this lifelong dream was going to come true. It partially did, but not enough to tick it off as fulfilled. Maybe next time? One of the best choices IContinue reading “Equine adventure: Paradise”

Preview: Horse trek in Paradise

In New Zealand I did a four-day horsetrek in the amazing Mt. Aspring N.P. on the ever so beautiful South Island. Here is a sneak preview of the incredible landscapes I found myself in those few days. Stories and more photos to come on Saturday!