My webshop is open!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from these Covid times, is that it’s important to take good care of yourself. For me that meant, among other things, to find a better balance between responsibilities and having fun. To be fair, I’m still working on that, but one thing I poured my heart into the last couple of months, is my creativity. And I’m loving every bit of it!

For a while, I’d been toying with the idea to open my own webshop with products like art prints and stationery. I’m a nut for paper products! 🙂 I decided to stop waiting and take the plunge! It’s been amazing being able to immerse myself in creativity, learning new skills (e.g. setting up a shop, researching manufacturers) and doing it whichever way feels good for me.

Although I’m not nearly the perfectionist that I used to be, I do like to be organised and have some kind of quality standard when it comes to setting up my brand. Instead of waiting to start until everything was perfect, I decided that today I was just going ahead and open my shop! I’ll learn as I go. As long as I’m having fun and can express my passion, I’m happy!

I already have materials for a first shop update, but I figured you’ve got to start somewhere, right? No need to overwhelm myself right out of the gate.

So if you’re curious and are perhaps interested in supporting a small creative business, feel free to hop over to Talvi Creations. Would love to see you there!

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Dreamer. Adventurer. Traveller. Geek. Idealist. Nature. New Zealand, Nordic countries and the Arctic.

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