I wasn’t planning this…

Not even that long ago, I changed my blog layout to the one pictured here. I really liked it, it was clean and easy to work with. However there were some things that bugged me a bit that I couldn’t change (the ‘most discussed’ tab was my biggest peeve) so I’ve been wanting to change the layout again for a while now.

Having a lazy day today, I started playing around with themes and I finally settled on the current layout (Morden). I had no idea how much fun it was so add a static home page and I learnt that I can still show my most recent posts there for easy navigation. I could never figure it out, haha! I’m very pleased with this one and hope it will stick for a while!

What do you think?

Published by Alive and Trekking

Dreamer. Adventurer. Traveller. Geek. Idealist. Nature. New Zealand, Nordic countries and the Arctic.

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